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1. Full Technical Management

Regular condition assessments and performance monitoring Planned and projected maintenance
Dry dock planning and supervision
Surveys, certification and vetting

2. Full Crew Management

We can provide you with full crew management solutions on a cost or lump sum basis, by which we take care of all crewing matters of your vessels. You can also participate in any part of the process that you wish to, such as selection or crew planning, and you can overrule our decisions at any time.

For vessels under full crew management, we use crews not only from Ukraine but can also include crew members recruited through our partners in Russia, India, China and the Philippines. All crews, regardless of origin, are screened and selected in full accordance with our strict procedures.

Our full crew management solution means full service and includes the entire crewing process:

  •   Crew sourcing, screening and selection

  •   Crew planning

  •   Certification of seafarers

  •   Crew changes including all travel arrangements

  •   Payroll administration

  •   Briefings and competence management

    We offer full crew management solutions on a cost-plus-fee basis or a fixed, all-in lump sum by which we take over the budget risk, and the crewing costs are fixed for you for the budget year.
    Our screening process includes 12 steps to ensure that we select the right people for your ships.

o Telephone interview
If, at first glance, the applicant seems to have potential, we call them and carry out a telephone interview to confirm their background and to explain our recruitment procedure.

o Reference check
We verify the candidate’s employment history by contacting their last three employers.

o Interview with our recruiter
All applicants are asked to come to our office for a face-to-face interview with our experienced recruiters.

o Professional knowledge test (CES, MARLINS) o English proficiency
o Client-specific requirements

Before the candidate is introduced to you, we will check to see if they

meet your specific additional requirements.
o Face-to-face interview with our senior captains or chief engineers

All officers attend a face-to-face interview with one of our senior captains or chief engineers, who all have relevant vessel, cargo or engineering experience. The purpose of this interview is to verify the applicant’s professional expertise, as well as their personality and leadership skills.

o Recruiter’s conclusion
After our checks, tests and interviews have mapped the applicant’s experience, knowledge and leadership skills, our recruiter draws up a review and determines whether or not we will continue with the applicant’s selection process.

o Interview with senior management
Finally, masters and chief engineers are also interviewed. We want close contact between top management and the senior officers to ensure that every client gets the senior officers that meet their particular needs.

o Crewing manager’s review
Once the screening process has been completed, our crewing manager and Captain review the results and decide if the candidate is suitable for employment, and for which client, vessel and position.

In addition, all approved candidates will undergo additional screening and checking before joining.

3. Opening of the branch office in Ukraine
4. Provision of / supply (from Chandlery, Provisions, Bonded Stores, Deck &

Engine Stores, Cabin Stores, Electronics, Office Equipment’s, Marine Electronics, IT Equipment’s, Accessories, Life Saving Equipment’s, Fire and Safety Equipment’s).